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Exploring at Aspen Fell

Yesterday I spent some time visiting Aspen Fell. And then today I went back again and re-shot my pictures, because I didn’t like the ones I had made yesterday. This happened because Aspen Fell is a nighttime Sim with a dark windlight, and when I arrived I had my prefs on a mid setting so I couldn’t see much – this made me believe that I needed to push up my Gamma setting from sky editor or the pictures wouldn’t come out very well. But then I realised almost at the end of my visit, that with Advanced Lighting enabled from preferences,the windlight as it was intended was perfect and so then I didn’t want to mess with it in any way. So the pictures you see below are my second set that I took with the Sim windlight, with no adjustment or editing from Gimp at all apart from some sharpen and resize. So I would recommend that when you visit, to use the Sim windlight and if your hardware allows it, enable advanced lighting from prefs. Then you will really benefit from the deep shadows and beautiful lighting of the Sim, the soft glow of the snow and the aurora borealis dancing magically in the sky above the dark mountains.

Aspen Fell is described in the Destination Guide as a monochromatic, snow-filled, nighttime setting with a romantic twist. Caverns, ski slopes, zip lines and romantic spots surround a pub lost in time. Well I am not very into romance lol, but I did see a lot of nice places you could sit and cuddle with your special someone if you have one, or you can ski, do sledding, ice-skate, dance, or just follow the path – the lanterns light your way – to the top of the mountain and celebrate with a drink when you get there. I saw skis and sledges outside of the pub that you can rez, they definitely work because a girl there just missed running me over on hers, lol.

I enjoyed wandering here, the scenery and natural look of the place in winter. The atmosphere is mystery, magic, deep nighttime silence. It’s definitely a beautiful place to visit.

TP to Aspen Fell

Before I end this post, one last reminder that I have a Xmas gift on offer at my gallery, you can read the post about it here and go pick it up if you like.



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