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Winter [ Imagination ]

Hello everyone! I am going to be typing slowly and carefully on this post, since I am currently working my way through a bottle of JD Honey Liqueur, which someone gave to me in RL (obviously, avatars can’t drink.) It’s good stuff! All of the nice warm buzz with none of the bitter sort of taste that I don’t really like about Whiskey. It’s very smooth, but now I have to watch out for those typos lol.

So yesterday I went exploring at Winter [Imagination] and today I went back to get a few pictures. I am currently sitting on the Sim as I type this, listening to the music stream, which is currently classical music from the movies and is very relaxing. When you get to the Landing point there are a number of pathways (or tree tunnels) that invite you to follow them, with things to discover and places to sit along the way. Around the perimeter of the pathways I saw cool stuff like a floating house, a deck to sit, a skating rink, the lighthouse, the piano. The snow is gently falling, it’s peaceful here. I’m sitting on the deck with the deer feeding close by. It feels seasonal without being in-your-face Xmas, and I like that. I like places that capture the essence of what the season is supposed to mean (to me anyway,) the silence and peacefulness and a few delicate lights and decorations scattering some beauty and magic on the scene. I don’t even want to know about the mad present-buying-card-sending-money-spending-getthelatestshityoudontneed side of Xmas. All that commercial stuff is ugly. But what I like is the idea that there can be a day where peace could reign in people’s hearts, and people might feel good will towards each other and show love to one another and just be nice. In an increasingly hostile world, that would be special, right! Well it would be nice to have that on every day, not just one. I think if I could have one gift it would be, not to have to turn on the TV and see people doing horrible things to each other all the damn time. But for now, all I have is this bottle of Liqueur :)

TP to visit Winter [ Imagination ]


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