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Winter at Frisland

It seems an age since I did one of these exploring posts. But today I took some time to get out and about in SL. After taking a look at the Destination Guide, I went exploring at the lovely and photogenic Frisland. Described in the Guide as a beautiful rural landscape where silence reigns, it appealed to me after a busy week at work as somewhere I could wander and unwind and get a few pictures.

Winter has arrived on the sim and it’s snowing here, everything is sparkling and beautiful under the bright sky with ice and snow. I love the delicate look of the trees and plants on the snowy landscape. There are seating areas for socialising, or you can just wander about and appreciate the beauty of the land. You can skate or rez a sledge, or curl up in a chair by the fire, and I saw a play park too (couldn’t resist having a go on one of the swings lol.) A very nice place to explore, hang out, skate or just relax.

Here is the TP to Frisland.

On the subject of Winter, if you didn’t see my previous post, I have a seasonal free gift out at my gallery and you can read about that here and go pick it up if you wish :)


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