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A Poem and Picture Post

So I am beginning to enjoy writing again and I wrote another poem over the weekend. No title again, but anyway, here it is.

* * *

You’re not gentle, but you’re never cruel.
I like being the place you escape to –
The quiet island who invites a curious stranger,
The little known contours of a landscape

That you map with your hands.
My will gives like sand under your feet.
Like a stone, you cast yourself into my bed and
I wash over you, where we grasp and twist until the waves subside.

– by Jamie

The picture I took in SL at Pigeon Island. (click to view.)

This will be the last post I am making for a while, as my graphic card has decided to die – it’s flickering black squares all over the place as I type this lol, and because my PC is so old it means it’s now time to replace the whole thing rather than just swap out a new card. So yea, gotta figure out a way to make that happen, lol. Thank you for reading here, if you do :) see you soon I hope!


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