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A poem and picture post

I wrote this poem today, I haven’t got a title for it but I did make a picture in SL to go with it.

* * *

Buried in my coat and hood, I walk slowly across the
Sleeping field, more mud than grass as
My feet slip out from under me.
My socks are wet inside my trainers.

The sky is a pause, heavy with waiting rain.
The trees stand listening, damp black branches clutching at
The last of their yellow leaves, bright blobs of
Colour on the short, grey day.

My dog thunders past me,
Tail wagging madly as he hurls a stick and
Dives after it and I smile, thinking
That’s how it is, to feel free.

– by Jamie.

The poem is about my RL but I took the picture above at the very lovely ROCHE sim in SL (click to view bigger.) I will get back there this week for more pictures, I have a couple that I took some time ago on display at my gallery but I have never blogged about it, and it’s a wonderful place to visit.


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