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Bro face and a song

Yesterday my RL brother made a visit to SL with his old avi, Jess. He mostly quit SL sometime last year, but he made a special visit in-world yesterday to go to the wedding of one of his closest friends from SL, who he still keeps in touch with in the RL.

So the wedding wasn’t until 6pm SLT, which for us in the UK was 2am, so while he was waiting for his friend to log in, he came and saw my SL garden and we hung out for a bit. Even though I wasn’t feeling very well last night, it was fun showing him all my stuff, and talking hair and clothes and random SL stuff just like the old days, and it made me smile a lot having him there. So then I took these couple of pics for a memory, crashing in-between doing them (yay) and then his friend got online and they went to shop and get ready for the wedding. I duno what time the wedding and party actually ended, maybe like 5am? lol and now he has gone off to work in the RL, poor boy, but at least he had the 1 hour extra for sleep from the clocks going back in the UK last night. And he said he had fun last night and was very happy to be there for his SL friend.

So the song is one I have been listening to a lot for the last few days. Maybe you will like it too ♥


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