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Exploring at Darkwood

I have been checking out quite a few of the Halloween related places in SL lately, but haven’t really felt inspired to take more pictures since I went to Halloween Town. That is, until I arrived at Calas Galadhon’s ‘Darkwood’ yesterday. I spent a couple of hours exploring and enjoying the Sim and then today I went back to take a few pictures. I didn’t take pics of any of the scary stuff or surprises, I leave those up for you to discover!

On arriving at the landing spot, you are advised that for best viewing to use the Sim Windlight settings, and turn on your Advanced Lighting Model option in prefs (shadows off.) Also have your sounds up and your music stream on. So after doing all of that, I grabbed my lamp (free to visitors) and I was ready to see what I could find.

Your goal, or quest if you like, is to find your way to the Pavilion. I started out on foot (no flying here) and was making good progress, until I wandered into a cave full of huge spiders, and freaked out so much (couldn’t find the exit) I had to TP home haha. So, back I went again to the landing spot and started over lol. I decided after that to take the boat tour first, so I could see all around the Sim and get an idea of where I might be headed when I eventually started to go by foot again. I loved the boat tour! I think it might be 20 minutes or more long, there is a cuddle pose or a single pose ball for lone riders, and I would highly recommend doing this tour as you get so see so much of this impressive build. It was very relaxing, and I was feeling pretty lazy by the end of it. There is also a barrel ride tour but I haven’t done that one yet.

Tour over, I started out again on foot to find the Pavilion, and this time I didn’t wander so far off track like I did the first time but stuck as best I could to the signposts. There are some frights and shocks along the way, it’s very cool and entertaining and I jumped a few times in RL. There are also many beautiful things to see, I loved the swarm of butterflies, the statues, the forest paths and the Elven ruins. When I finally made it to the Pavilion I felt pleased with myself, and had a sit down to admire the view from being so up high. I went to each viewing platform, the picture I have posted of me standing is on the lowest viewing platform, watching the birds and the river below.

I noticed there are some events/parties being held here too, but 7pm SLT time, so that’s 3am for me in the UK! But if you are on PDT or close to it you might want to check out the events, they are listed on a info board and I think in the Calas Galadhon blog. 

So, I love this build! A beautiful, fun and creative place to explore. Scary at times too! Lord of the Rings meets Halloween meets the creativity of Second Life. It’s open until 1st November, so visit it while you can.

TP to Calas Galadhon’s ‘Darkwood’



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