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Small Creatures

For small creatures such as we,
The vastness is bearable only through love.
– Carl Sagan

I was watching a TV programme recently, where the above quote was used. I might write more about that programme later, because it did make quite an impact on me. But for now I just want to post some pictures that I took, inspired by that quote. (youtube link for programme here)

So I realise, as I’m posting these pics, that I prolly captured more of the ‘vastness’ and less of the ‘love making it bearable.’ But okay, that’s how I feel today.

So, one picture each from four of my favourite sims in SL, the SLurls as follows ~

Nostos Deer Park
The Colder Water
Starfall’s Twilight’s Edge Summer Retreat (now dressed for Autumn) (so I need go back for more pics)

This was fun and so I will do this again with more places in SL that I like to visit a lot.


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