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A Happy Mood

‘There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents, and only one for birthday presents, you know.’
– Lewis Carroll

So yesterday was my rezday in Second Life. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically the day you are ‘born’ into SL and is often viewed or treated like a RL birthday except it is the years you have been in Second Life, and you get rezday cards sometimes or stuff like that. Well, it can be viewed that way if you wish… some people don’t care about rezdays at all, some people ignore them, some people hate them, some people don’t even know when their one is, some people think it’s silly or maybe they have so many accounts they lose track of all their rezdays haha. It all comes down to personal preference and how immersed you are in your SLife I suppose. For me, in the past I have had a party a couple times, which was nice of my friends to do that. But in the end, I am not really a fan of rezdays, much like I dislike my own birthday in RL. I prefer other people’s, lol. But I thought to myself, what should I do with my evening and I should still do something nice for the day. So I went to somewhere I really really like in SL, which is a place called HappyMood or HPMD. HappyMood is actually a store where you can buy all kinds of beautiful creations for your virtual garden, landscaping and home, and come on, isn’t that the best name too? :) I really love the creations here, they are so beautiful and unique. So behind the landing point platform, the Sim is landscaped with all the items that you can buy in the shopping area itself and it’s a really pretty place to explore and spend time. I just wandered about and sat for a while by the water, and then had some fun playing on the swing, took a sail on a leaf boat, just generally kicked back and spent some time thinking over my 7 years in Second Life. I think I am lucky to have found SL when I did, and for all the people I have met along my journey who have helped me grow and understand myself better, ultimately putting me on the road to being a happier person in RL and as a result in SL too. I came to SL with many personal issues from my RL. I was running, I was escaping, I was angry and hitting out at everyone a lot of the time in my younger years. I think the biggest gift I have received has nothing to do with a rezday, but for all the un-rezdays where I behaved very unloveable but still the people closest to me did not let me go, and loved me when I was really f’ing hard to love. At this point now, my 7th year, I feel like I am prolly the steadiest and calmest I have ever been in my life(s). I have learned how to be alone and enjoy my own company and I have learned to make my time in SL/RL positive and constructive for the most part. I still have bad days and I still struggle with things, but I am learning to take responsibility for my actions and feelings, I am facing the dark side of me and accepting that side of myself. I never wanted to before, because if I ignored it, it was like it didn’t really exist, or if I didn’t look at it maybe other people wouldn’t either. But of course, that was not the correct way to handle it. I am discovering that facing things head on, while initially unpleasant and uncomfortable, is actually very freeing. To accept myself good and bad means I can have control over the things I do that I don’t like and work to change those habits, and acknowledge the nice things about me too and be able to value myself for those things and love myself more. Still think SL is a game? lol. For me it is a huge part of my life journey.. all experience whether virtual or in the ‘real’ world is valuable to me, as are the people who support and guide me, and who I have a lot of fun with too. I enjoy my SL now more than I ever have, and I owe unending gratitude to those patient people in my life who I am so lucky to share time with.

Teleport to HappyMood – HPMD



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