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Halloween Town (2014)

In the UK where I live in RL, Halloween is not that big of an event, but in Second Life everyone really goes mad for it. Last year I really got into the spirit of the whole thing and had a lot of fun. So with the 31st October coming closer, I began my first explorations into what SL has to offer to celebrate the season this year. There is a bunch of stuff on the Destination Guide, and the first location I decided to visit was Halloween Town. A cute, cartoon-like build that puts me in mind of a Tim Burton film. The buildings that line the road to the bottom of the hill are all actually stores where you can pick up everything you could possibly ever need in SL for a Halloween party or to decorate or candy or costumes or whatever. There are fun free gifts to be had too, and if you want to take a tour of the Town, the ‘Devil’s Hand’ will grab you and fly you around (if you’re brave enough.)

At the bottom of the hill is the Haunted House. So I didn’t really expect to enjoy going in there as much as I did, but it was really fun and.. okay there were a couple or three areas that freaked me out too haha. I didn’t take many pictures in there because I don’t want to spoil the tour for anyone who is going to go do it, but the theme is ‘Horror Movies’ and there were many that I recognised, if you know your scary movies I think you will get a kick out of touring the Haunted House, it’s really well done and had me smiling as well as making me jump. I went on my own, but I think it would be even more fun to go with one or two others so you can scare each other along the way. There are poses and animations to play with, keep your sounds up and turn your music stream on to get the full benefit of the scary atmosphere and interactive features. Also go with the Sim windlight if you can or at least keep your environment dark.

Oh, also they are having a Pumpkin Contest with prizes for most creative, most scary and most artistic if that’s something you want to do. Click the info sign to the left of Landing point for rules and other info.

So I will be exploring lots more Halloween stuff in SL so watch this space. In the meantime, here is the Landmark to Halloween Town and my pictures.

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