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I have not done any exploring in SL for a little while, as I was ill for most of last week and didn’t really have the energy. But luckily by today I am feeling better and able to enjoy my weekend in both worlds. In RL it has remained very warm in London up until today, still in the 70s at the beginning of October, but today it rained until about 4pm, when the sun came out, and I was able to get out with my dog and make the most of prolly one of the last really warm days before winter. I love that feeling of sunshine on the back of my neck, it’s a wonderful sensation. When I came home, for a strange reason there was a ladybug crawling on my kitchen ceiling. I have no idea where it came from, but anyway, if you are someone who believes that the Universe is always sending us signs, a ladybug is a great visitor to see, especially in an unusual circumstance like I did today. She brings a very positive message and that made me very happy. I feel like things are changing, and I am changing, and she was a nice encouragement to keep going on my path. So anyway, I caught her in a glass and put her outside the house.

So today I took a trip in SL to a place called embryo. I have been here a long time ago, a number of years since I visited in fact. It has changed some since I was last here, but is still as beautiful, wild and peaceful as I remembered. On my visit today, it reminded me a bit of sleeping beauty or something like that, with the old iron bed inside the tumble-down house, surrounded by flowers and rambling thorny roses. It’s definitely a magical, incredibly peaceful place to spend some time. There is the slight patter of rain, there is the gentle twinkle of stars and floating orbs of light, I was listening to the music stream, which is very ethereal, meditative music, and it just really carried me away to a place of peace and harmony to sit here and listen, and look at all the carpet of beautiful flowers and the birds, and the sky and the water beyond. I love wild gardens in SL, I love how the flowers just grow however and wherever they want, the house is falling and nature is climbing over it, it’s incredibly beautiful to me.

So here is my pictures, and the TP to embryo if you would like to visit.


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