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La Palma Sculpture Garden

Yesterday I took a trip over to the LEA welcome area to see what was new. LEA stands for ‘The Linden Endowment for the Arts,’ and is a collaborative venture between Linden Lab and the arts community in Second Life.

I decided to TP to LEA10, which is currently home to La Palma Sculpture Garden. The Directory describes it as  ‘An abundant Canarian landscape as an immersive experience, a work in progress by Peli Dieterle. Multimedia events will take place in October and November 2014.’

So I was a bit early yet to visit for any events and such, but I was still keen to explore the attractive landscape, and I especially enjoyed cycling up and along the mountain road, and watching the view from the top. I went on Marketplace and bought a cheap racing bike just so I could do that lol, and had a lot of fun riding around and looking in the houses along the road and their gardens and discovering the sculptures and features of the installation. I even rode my bike up the steps to the top of the lighthouse, which is really only something I could probably achieve in SL lol. I really like here the mountainous landscape, the houses, the palm trees, the blend of modern with simple. When I was finally tired cycling, I went and sat on the beach and listened to the birds and just enjoyed the warm and relaxing feel of the place.

Teleport to La Palma Sculpture Garden

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