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Random picture post

Hallo everybodies :) So after my longass post of the other day, I am happy to report that I am still feeling in a good place. I have been pretty busy and so this is just a random picture post of stuff I have been photographing over the last few days and didn’t get around to posting. First two pics are from Isles of Ice or something like that, I need to head back there tho and get the LM and also write about the quest you can play from there, but didn’t get around to that yet, but I liked that place, the stillness and it just felt very clean and… untouched. The other pics are from my garden, my friend came to visit today and also, I added the blue forget-me-nots (pics 4 & 6) that I saw for sale when I was wandering at Alirium again yesterday and just needed, yes NEEDED them for my garden space. And I put some at the gallery. Wishing everyone a good week :)) /end random


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