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I visited this pretty Sim a couple of days ago, and today I went back to get some pictures. Even though I like the pictures I am posting here, I still feel like I am not doing this Sim justice. There is so much to see here, so many surprises and thoughtful touches, I could take way more pictures and still not be able to show it all.

My impression of the theme of the Sim is ‘storybooks’  – on arriving at the landing point, the first creature I met was the Frog Prince. Sadly he did not want to kiss me and live happily ever after, so I continued on my explorations. There is a lot of wildlife here, Bambis and bunnies and birds and other forest creatures, and lots and lots of flowers and trees. You can have a seat on the little island in the middle of the lake, or go further out to the islands, I saw a spot for canoeing but I didn’t test my rowing skills again though. You can play on the swing, or just have a sit down and relax – there are lots of poses around for singles and couples to kick back and relax. I saw ducks and geese that put me in mind of a Beatrix Potter story, I climbed the tower which I’m pretty sure was home to a Princess or two. There is magick here, but it is not overtly a fantasy Sim, but subtle and enchanting. Other parts of the Sim made me think more of a painting, especially the field with the windmill and donkeys. As I wandered along the highest top of the mountain range I met some white wolves that I think came straight out of Narnia. After watching the gulls circling the lighthouse guarding the rocks at the edge of the Sim for a while, there was just time to have a quick nap in the top of a tree – who knew bird’s nests were so comfy? – before I was back down on the ground, watching the sun fall down behind the mysterious druid circle, while I did little piano serenading for the curious Chameleon keeping me company on the piano.

A very photogenic and charming Sim, with a 60 minutes return time too so that you can rez poses or other stuff for photography. Definitely if you haven’t visited, make time to do so, I think you will love it as much as I did.

TP to Sarawak


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