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Fun at the Lakeside

Yesterday I took a trip to ‘Roleplay Heaven – Lakeside.’ I was actually trying to find another Sim that I had visited a long long time ago, but search threw this place up and so after reading the land details I thought I would go and check it out.

I’m not sure why it’s called Roleplay Heaven, I couldn’t see any indication that Roleplay goes on here. But it seems a popular Sim, especially with couples. The music stream plays a lot of love song stuff like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Barry White! You know what I’m sayinnnnnn’ lol. There are lots of couple dance balls and nice places to sit around the lake and in the forest. You can take a horse tour (horse can sit 2 people,) which I started to do except I had some lag and so my horse was walking drunk kinda sideways lmao, so I jumped off before we had a horrible accident. Instead I ran around on foot exploring, I found a long tunnel that went down to a stage area in a water cave where I expect they put on musical performances. There’s probably a group you can join or something. I was going to take a picture down there, but there were a couple on some poseballs, ya know, getting friendly lolz, so I removed myself quickly so as not to intrude. But it was nice down there. The whole Sim is very pretty, very natural with lots of forest and mountains and of course the big lake in the middle of the land where you can sit next to, or row on, or fish, or picnic, whatever you want.

So after a while my friend came over and joined me, and we went rowing on the lake. That was really fun, even though I had to do all the hard work while he just kicked back and read his book ;) It’s hard to take pictures and row! JS. I got my revenge though when I brought us back into land and managed to park (? do you park a boat?) us in a tree. Well our boat sank and he crashed haha. So when he got back online it was off to the cafe for some nice hot coffee. I even let him do the washing up! :)

TP to ‘Roleplay Heaven – Lakeside’


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