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So while things are not back to normal yet in my RL, they are close to calming down and I am finding more time again to be in SL and blogging and stuff. Something I have not done in a long time though is add to my in-world gallery, one because I didn’t have time, two because I didn’t feel inspired, three because since I relocated I kinda thought no one was really visiting it anyway. Well, turns out that I have been having a few visitors so I was wrong on that, and I met a nice guy last week who spent a long time over there looking at my work and telling me what he liked and what he thought all the pictures were about, which was interesting for me and nice. So, since there still seems to be some interest in my work and I now have more time again and more inspiration I will not let the gallery stuff drop, but continue with it. I have started out by adding a new wall tattoo, which I have called ‘Brave.’ I have wanted to create a wall tattoo to go with that particular quote for a long while, and the little scarecrow guy keeping his head above water, who you may recognise from h220, was perfect for what I wanted to express.

Wall tattoos are a fun thing I like to make from my SL photography;  a couple of people have said to me that they look like charcoal drawings, well you can decide for yourself. I mostly use quotes on the tattoos, the poetry on the opposite wall if you visit is my own. I have got some ideas for my future colour photography/artwork too, but for now, pictures below of my new wall tattoo and also all of the ones I have out for viewing/sale at the gallery. Wall tattoos are also on marketplace – my artwork is mod, transfer, no copy, but the wall tattoos are mod, copy, no transfer, so this is why I put them on marketplace, so they can be gifted if someone wants to. One day I will pull my finger out and get the artwork on there too, but… it’s so time consuming :0 Anyhoo, pictures below.

SLurl to my gallery

Link to Marketplace

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