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Sounds of Silence

and…. take 2…

Take 2 because I was writing this post yesterday, after visiting the very pretty Sounds of Silence, which is described in the land info as a simple homestead by the sea, reminiscent of days gone by. It sounded a perfect place for me to visit, since I needed to de-stress and shut off the noise in my head.

So as I was writing, I got IMs from 2 different friends. This almost never happens to me in SL, lol. Unless I am hanging out in a club and chatting and dancing with those friends there, I am always alone in SL and rarely in IM. Some people would kill to have a silent IM box to allow them to get on with stuff in SL, well, most of the time yea it’s okay, because exploring and photography and stuff is a good solitary occupation. Sometimes though it’s very good to get a call, and yesterday I was very pleased to hear from my friends, who were hanging out at The Trace and asked me to go over and join them. So I did, and we sat by the sea, and it was very chilled and nice. So since I was hanging out, I abandoned my blog post so that I could give my friends my proper attention, and today I have changed my mind about what I was writing about, and I take that as a sign that I wasn’t meant to write about what I was writing about, and that’s the story of that.

So, Sounds of Silence. I really enjoyed the landscaping at this Sim, which I thought was clever and well thought out. You arrive close to the beach where I explored first, which is a very natural setting, a thin strip of sand that surrounds the island with lots of wild grass and rocks and sand dunes. The sand moves into wild meadow, with lots of pretty wild flowers and shrubs and trees. I took the steps up from the beach and followed the natural passageway formed by rocks up the hill to the fields above. There are lots and lots of animals here, sheep and cows graze around the vicinity of the old barn and windmill, there are horses and goats, farm birds and wild birds too. There are a few scattered houses, with lots of home comforts inside and pretty gardens out, modern-ish but understated, then past the barn it’s just wild and lots of wild flowers and wooded areas and shrubs and long grass. Up the hill from the barn I found some graves under a tree, it reminded me for some reason of a scene from ‘Unforgiven,’ (a Clint Eastwood Western movie.) And then I could imagine the history of the farm, the family who had settled there in days gone by and farmed and lived out their days, and how life had moved on and changed since they were laid to rest. I really enjoyed the combination of old and new, maintained and wild at this Sim, and imagining the history of the land. As I wandered past the graves and down the hill again towards the beach, I discovered the natural pool/lake that had formed from the sea, and spent some time there just chilling and watching the sun go down. I loved the high cliffs that form the inlet out to sea, forming a natural sheltered area and a feeling of seclusion while at the same time you can look out to the horizon between the cliffs and get a real sense of freedom and space.

Sounds of Silence is a lovely place to visit. There are lots of places to sit, on the beach and on the higher ground, and a 10 minute auto-return window if you wanted to rez poses or items of your own for pictures and stuff.

TP to Sounds of Silence



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