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That’s Italy, at MIC – Imagin@rium

This evening I took a trip to see the new installation by Mexi Lane, ‘That’s Italy’, showing at the MIC – Imaginarium. On arrival, I clicked the info board for the artists notecard and then took one of the hovercraft out over the water, to get a closer look at the work. The hovercrafts are fun and easy to steer, and a novel way to visit the installation, just remember to return yours to the dock when you are done.

The artist’s notecard tells us ‘A vision that I wanted to communicate. A state of mind? A metaphor? I do not know, you decide.’ I would guess that the work has many meanings, perhaps political or personal. But for me, I suppose it just made me think of the planet as a whole and how we, the current inhabitants, are sailing this planet towards an ultimate destruction, unless we change our ways, start making peace not war, and caring for the planet. Or maybe…. the shipwreck could represent people’s refusal to open their minds and they are stuck on the rocks of outdated views/opinions etc, which can also bring destruction to the lives of others. Well, I just thought of that now as I was typing about the work. But that’s the cool thing about any artwork, the interpretation is open to the observer and gets your brain ticking and everyone will see something different.

Ok, well that’s enough thinking for one day; on to the pictures I took. The info recommended to use the region windlight, as you can see it’s a very pretty sky and the reflections are lovely on the water. I really do love builds on the water. Btw, if you have never visited MIC – Imagin@rium, have a wander around the Ampitheatre and stuff after you visited the installation, a very nice build that you can see in the background of my picture number 3 below.

TP to ‘That’s Italy’ at MIC – Imagin@rium

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