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El Laberinto Perdido

El Laberinto Perdido by Romy Nayar is an art installation at the MetaLES sim. I visited there last night and went back today to get some pictures of this interesting and unsettling work.

The destination guide informs you that ‘If you decide to delve into the Lost Labyrinth, your deepest fears and defects will take control. You will live them again and again and again… No one has escaped…’ Well that was enough for me to be very curious about what I would find as I explored here.

On arriving, the first thing that struck me was all the strange sounds coming from the direction of the Labyrinth. If you visit here make sure you have sounds enabled, and don’t be listening to your iTunes or anything. The eerie sounds are a huge part of the installation. The windlight here is dark… very dark. My thought was on entering the Labyrinth.. ‘I can get lost on a flat Sim with no walls, I have no hope of finding my way in here!’ So I opened my mini-map in an attempt to make sure I didn’t just stumble around the same space but managed to move through the various areas of the Labyrinth.

This is a very interactive installation. Move through the rooms and passages by finding and clicking on the doorways. I felt very small in here; I am fairly height challenged anyway lol, but I think the intention here was to make you feel very small. Perhaps childlike? At least vulnerable, you can decide about that. As well as the constant background noises you will hear on your visit, sounds happen as you brush past or walk into or touch objects, all feeding in to the nightmarish atmosphere of the work. The strange and scary objects and inhabitants of the Labyrinth are odd and disturbing. Even so, I found things that I liked in here. The collection of one handed clocks… the forest of listening hands. There are also free gifts scattered about, I picked up a cloak, a hat, and a pair of huge Harry Potterish glasses – I’m hoping I will look more intelligent when I wear them.

I enjoyed exploring this art installation, I also was quite glad to leave! lol. Take the TP, if you dare….

El Laberinto Perdido at MetaLES


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