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Ocho Tango Club

I wandered a lot in SL today, before arriving at this destination to take pictures. In RL it has been pouring rain all day, I think the mood of the weather was affecting my SL and making me hard to please. So anyway, here are my pictures from Ocho Tango Club and Sim, which as the name suggests, you can come and dance, or just explore as I did today. It’s a long time since I danced on couple dances. It’s something I used to really love to do, but I can’t remember the last time I got the opportunity. Anyhoo, it’s pretty here, I love the long grass and the interesting sculptures. I don’t know if they do any live performances or have events since I’m not in the group, but I saw a stage that suggested that they might. So if you really like to Tango, you know where to come.

The Tango Club is owned by DaD Design, which sells Landscaping, Houses and Furniture. Just hit the teleporters for the various areas.

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