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The Colder Water

Haven’t done this for a while! Today I managed to grab some explore time, and took myself off to ‘The Colder Water‘ which I had seen on Ziki Questi’s blog.

When I arrived, the land information told me that the landowner has created a special playlist for the music stream, and also that the land has its own windlight settings. So I turned on my music and enabled the region windlight to get the full effect of what the owner wished for me to experience.

It didn’t take me long to fall under the spell of this place. As I wandered over the black sand dunes, I was completely drawn in by the atmosphere of the island. The three lighthouses are the obvious feature of the land, small boats are tethered here and there. The plant life is sparse; patches of beach grass and a scattering of bare shrubs grow over and between the rocks and on the higher ground. Driftwood litters the beach. And then there are the mysterious, floating jellyfish in the sky. Their presence brings an extra element of strangeness to the land, something a little science fiction as they hover gently above, or I want to say, even angel-like.. something about the softness of their movements as they descend gently from the clouds.

I felt, as I explored, incredibly at peace at this place. I had some sense of sorrow at the land, the small grave I came across and the many candles surrounding it marking the spot of some loss. There was too, for me, the imagination that life there at the island might be hard… the sparseness and slow decay, the heavy sky, the train tracks to nowhere, the possible isolation of a lonely lighthouse keeper watching over the horizon. But most of all for me, was the overwhelming sense of peace outweighing everything else, the stark beauty of the island. I spent well over an hour there just soaking it all up and felt incredibly rested by the time I left.

I very much enjoyed my visit here.


3 thoughts on “The Colder Water

  1. You describe it so well, I saw Ziki’s blog on Cold water too have not made it there yet. Your Photos are beautiful and haunting. Iam adding Cold water to my must see list! TY : )

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