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Canadian Wilderness

My RL has been crazy hectic the last week and a half. My RL partner was in an accident and has been in the hospital. The top of his tibia bone was crushed and he had to have an operation which involved building up the bone with donor bone (from America so he told me after) and then screwing a plate to the bones. So now he has his leg in a brace and is getting physio and all that stuff. Hopefully he gets home tomorrow, if he passes all his tests, walking up and down stairs with crutches and stuff and whatever else they make these decisions to discharge on. So between work and hospital visiting and house chores and doing the million and one things he gave me do from his hospital bed, I am pretty worn out. I know it must be hard to be confined in there when you are a very independent (and bossy lol) person used to juggling a lot of balls and keeping everything going, and so I just have to be patient and keep keeping on and remembering that this will pass for both of us.

So tonight I got some time to myself and so I got into SL and went off to find a nice relaxing place to wander around in and take some pictures. I saw an interesting post on Cait’s World about Canadian Wilderness and it seemed the perfect place to go and spend some relax time. Well I won’t repeat all the info in her post, there is lots of fun stuff to do there. I took two rides on the zip line, and then parked my pixels on a raft for a bit and listened to the stream. I enjoyed my visit here, I liked all the wildlife and the trees and open spaces.

While I was there I stumbled into the neighbouring land called White Stallion – Country, and had a go at riding the rodeo bull. That was funny, for the short amounts of time I managed to stay on it. I think my best time was 13 seconds! But it was my first time so maybe that’s not too bad :)

Teleport to Canadian Wilderness


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