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My gallery relocation

Sometimes there is an unfortunate thing that occurs in SL. You can be a tenant on land, paying your rent for a plot of land. But then the sim owner who owns the land, doesn’t pay Linden Lab the tier. So whether you have paid your rent or not, Linden Lab reclaim your land and you are evicted, because your landlord didn’t pass your money forward.

The reason I am telling this tale, is because that’s exactly what happened to the land where my gallery was until yesterday. For various reasons the tier did not get paid forward to Linden Lab, and the sim, together with some neighbouring sims, are all gone. This meant that my SL brother Jacks, his ex-partner Phinn owner of PEER, and me were all looking for new spots in SL to rebuild. My brother has found land with a friend, and I read this morning on facebook that PEER also has a new home too. I’m glad for Jacks and Phinn that they were able to relocate quickly and get about their business as usual. I’ll try and grab some landmarks when I get them.

As for me, my loving brother offered to bring me with him as he searched for a new location. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to rebuild at that time, I’ve had a ton of stuff going on in RL and I prolly was just feeling too exhausted to face setting up again lol. However, in the end, I decided that I could easily trade in my Linden Home for a plot on the mainland. I hardly ever use the house and you are not allowed to sell or advertise from there. So I abandoned it, hit up the map, and with not too much effort found a very cheap 512sq of land. So up in the sky I went, and after the initial chaos (picture 1) I am all rebuilt again too.

Here is the Landmark to my new gallery space, artwork and wall tattoos for viewing and for sale. Please visit if you have some time.

Spanki Moulliez Photography and Artwork

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