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Pigeon Island

So after all the excitement of London Pride in RL, back to virtual reality. I got onto the destination guide yesterday and found a nice place to explore called Pigeon Island. I also wanted to experiment with my Trompe Loeil water maps that you can pick up free from the SL marketplace. They are all really cool to play with, the one I went with in the end was Long Ripple, or maybe it was Breezy lol, anyway they are all cool so experiment with them yourself. I saved one as my water preset and then went wandering around the island to get some pictures. In fact in the end I just stood for a very long time at the shoreline doing nothing, just listening to the sounds of the waves. Great therapy for an over-active mind, I came away feeling more peaceful than I have in days. I love the huge old trees growing all over the island with their knotted roots, the windblown wild flowers and grass, the birds circling overhead, the tucked away areas to be discovered where you can sit and take in the sights and sounds. And I love the sheep!

Back at the landing point, you can take a TP through a door to a second area of the sim called ‘Meaningless City’. Yes I am curious so I went to take a look before leaving, as you will see from my last few pictures. Here there is only the sound of the wind and the cawing of crows to keep you company. Everything is rusted and crumbling and decaying, litter gathers in the street corners, nature is breaking its way through the concrete paths and roads; grass and wild flowers and trees are reclaiming the land. The buildings are abandoned and gloomy, I think that it would be an excellent setting for some dark roleplay or a gritty urban film. As it is, you are free to wander and let your imagination decide what happened to the citizens of Meaningless City.

Teleport to Pigeon Island, Neverending

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