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LMs of things to see at Second Pride 2014

The Second Pride Festival is well under way, and as well as all the parties and performances going on, there is a lot of other stuff to see over on the three Pride sims. When you teleport over to Pride, you will land at one of the fixed landing points, but I found that once you have landed you can TP freely to the LM you want to visit by hitting the same LM again, and it was easy to move around between all these places of interest, which I received in a handy group notice today. Here is everywhere I visited today, with some pictures I took on my travels. *Edit: I have added the LM and some pictures from Parade Street. Have some fun there riding the floats!

Memorial Chapel – HQ sim
You can spend some quiet time here, and if you wish light a remembrance candle for a loved one.

Art Gallery – West Sim
The gallery where I am showing some of my work alongside a number of other SL artists and photographers (see previous post.)

Harvey Milk Museum – HQ sim
A history in photographs, text and video clips of civil and human rights leader Harvey Milk, a champion for LGBT people.

Sculpture Garden – HQ Sim
A peaceful place to wander and see work from a variety of artists in SL.

Stonewall Inn Museum – East Sim
More LGBT history, including the history of the Stonewall Riots that lead the way to the fight for LGBT equality.

Parade Street – East Sim
See all the parade floats from the weekend’s parade.




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