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The Dark Fairy

So here are a few pictures of the look I put together for the Hinterland – 7 years celebration. The party itself was really fun and the specially build set looked great. Lots of people came and all the different fantasy looks for the event were amazing. I won a prize for mine! Which I was very happy about.

I based this look on ‘Maleficent (2014),’ after seeing the film at the end of last week. I very much enjoyed the film, the fantasy sets for the film were gorgeous, and Angelina Jolie I thought was very good as the dark fairy. I liked the plot twist too, and the whole take on the character of Maleficent. It just goes to show, there’s two sides to every story!

So anyway, today I went off in SL to find a place to make some pictures of my dark fairy look, and ended up at a Sim called DragonLolth. Well, that was the easy part. My viewer did not seem to want to cooperate with me today, and I was having to relog between every picture. And then, as I was posing for picture two, a young Lycan girl became interested in what I was doing; she hid in the bushes for a while watching me, and then she came over to ask who I am. So, I hadn’t really thought through my character for any roleplay! But not wanting to disappoint her, I did my best to think on my feet and RP with her. She asked me my name and I had none! The best I could come up with was ‘Nameless,’ lol. But that was okay, perhaps a dark fairy has forgotten his own name, which was given to him in happier times before… whatever unfortunate events that befell him happened, (this is why you need a back story!) Then she asked me if I was a dark angel, and if that was my bird. So I told her Ira’s (my Raven’s) name and made her fly around us.

Well it was only a very small interaction, but it was actually really nice to be RPing again, even though I had no back story or even a name! We wished each other ‘safe paths’ and I went on my way. Since I have wings, it was okay for my character to fly. I crossed the Sim border, but unfortunately for me, landed in the middle of an arena where I was attacked by some, zombie, creature things lol. I didn’t stick around to find out exactly what they were to be honest, I didn’t want to be killed and get TPd home. My staff is not a weapon and I had nothing to fight them with. Because of the arena, flying had been disabled in that area, so I just had to run away from the arena with the attackers close behind me. I quickly crossed the next border into the next land called Nurutumbo – Home of the Dark Lord Melkor, who I believe is a Lord of the Rings character. I was right out front of his castle for picture three, which I tried my best to take in a hurry – I didn’t really want to be there if the Dark Lord came home!

All in all, a pretty eventful photo session, and I only came away with three usable pictures. But I had fun! And if I go back, I’ll be better prepared next time!


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