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No Signal

So yesterday I took a trip to the new installation by Nessuno Myoo, ‘No Signal,’ located at MIC – Imagin@rium. While I was there I also took the chance to explore the Amphitheatre, which is a very nice build. Have to say though, in my last picture, the arrangement of chairs in a circle like that… very scary to my introvert brain! I would run a million miles rather than have to sit in a circle of people that way, all the time dreading the moment when the focus might fall on me to say something. It’s like, scary beyond ridiculous.  Anyhoo, /end random unrelated thought.

‘No Signal’ is open until June 14th. Contained within the work are clues, that once solved, will reveal the meaning behind the work. So okay, I am not a clever avatar, lol. I couldn’t find clues, and therefore the work has to remain a mystery to me. But still, an interesting build, and I flew up to say hi to the little guy at the top who lost his hat in the wind.

Okay… so I was sitting here still trying to take a guess at the meaning… but I think I won’t do that, and just post my pictures instead. I know there are more intelligent blog posts out there about this, but photos I can do!

TP to ‘No Signal’ at MIC – Imagin@rium


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