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Hinterland – 7 years

A quick shout out about this celebration, happening on Saturday 31st May. A celebration of 7 great years of Hinterland and all that dwell there.

Beginning at 2am *SLT, (so that’s 10am GMT, 5am EST, or 6pm Western Australia time) (I hope I have that right, lol) the party will continue on for 5 hours in a specially built set by Chade for the occasion, and is sure to a be great event, with an excellent DJ line up and and a fun theme for guests to dress up and be creative, ‘Creature of the Enchanted Forest’. So do drop by if you are free, and enjoy some quality music and good company. *Edit: An extra DJ set has been added between 12-2pm SLT with DJ Butch.

*SLT = Second Life Time (California time, GMT – 8)

Below is a couple of pictures I took this morning of St. Andrews Church, under which the Erotes club is located, and just one from neighbouring Orkney isle. (I didn’t want to wander too much, in case of stumbling into people’s homes.)

Also a copy of the official flyer/invite for the event that I received today, with all the details.

TP to Hinterland 7. Hope to see you there!


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