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More pictures from my SL garden

So I had to relocate my garden in SL. The land where I had built it closed suddenly, and I had to pull out all my stuff by the next day. But anyway, my good friend Arcy came to the rescue, and gave me some prim to rebuild it at his land. Yay yay yay *happy dance*. Because I was very sad to lose my garden, even though I hadn’t had it very long. I only had to shop for a new sky platform, which I did straight away. I found a very nice one for a reasonable price on Marketplace, and since I had saved all my stuff to a folder, it was fairly easy to recreate my space once the platform was positioned. I have made some changes over the days since then, I think in SL you never really get done tweaking and rearranging things, but that’s half the fun. It’s a place for endless creating, if you enjoy to do that. I wish it was this easy in RL, lol. Anyhoo, here is a bunch of pictures I have taken over the last week or so since I moved :)


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