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So yesterday I took a trip to the H220 sim. Today I went back to get my photographs for my blog post. It’s been a busy and emotional week, with not much time for writing. As a group, we have remembered our friend, LostSoul. On a personal level, some friendships have been lost, some new ones gained, one or two mended. As I told a friend of mine yesterday, one thing that bereavement reminds us, me anyway, is that there’s no time to waste. Bridges that are burnt are usually that way for a reason and looking back is pointless. But at the same time, there’s even less point in petty arguments or misunderstandings that separate us. Now, more than ever, my goal is to reinforce the friendships that I cherish, and do my best to show my love to those people who are important to me.

Anyhoo. On to the sim. I want to talk about what I felt at this sim, rather than what I think the sim is actually about. So this is purely my experience and interpretation.

Firstly, crawl into the drain pipe to reach the sim below the landing point. You will land inside the windmill; open the door and head outside to explore. My own personal take on the feel of H220 is, an incredible feeling of melancholy. In my mind, something tragic happened here. The rain, the rust and decay, the greyness of everything, the poetry, the unsettling figures scattered around the sim, added to my sense of sorrow, even a little bit of fear. My mind began to create all kinds of stories about the figures and builds here, but at the same time, I pushed those thoughts away because for me, it could have been a bit overwhelming to really ‘know’ what the story was. But something else, the sky. I used, as I usually try to do, the windlight settings for the sim. The sky here is stormy and grey, but, the light escaping through the clouds is brilliant. I don’t know, but for as much as I felt all those sad feelings here, the brightness of the sky felt like hope.

The sound of rain is amazing. There’s no music stream here, although I heard kinda creepy music as part of one of the builds; so make the most of the sounds around you to enhance your experience if you visit. I walked barefoot all around while the thunder rolled and lighting flashed, and the ravens flew overhead. At the end of my visit, I needed to go to my home sim and spend a few minutes with the birdsong and the flowers and bright colours, to shake off the weight of feelings that had built up in me on my visit. H220 is a powerful build, and whatever you take away from it, I think it would be hard not to be affected in some way by the strong images and sounds. I highly recommend spending time here.

TP to H220

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