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Starfall’s Twilight’s Edge Summer Retreat

This morning I went to visit Starfall’s Twilight’s Edge Summer Retreat, a beautiful water sim that I have been reading about on my blog roll. It was a good place to be alone with my thoughts, listen to the stream, and lose myself in my photography.

Yesterday I received the sad news that a friend, and much loved member of what I call my Trance family, has passed away on Friday. A beautiful lady in-world and out, LostSoul Loxely. There has been a great outpouring of shock and sadness and even more of love, on Facebook and in-world, since the news reached her SL friends and family, and no wonder, since she touched many lives, including mine. Everyone has their own memories; for me I will remember her as funny, and kind, creative, and artistic. She called me Spanki Snake, she would send me pictures of her art and her builds in SL, she created amazingly beautiful gardens, she loved her trees. I am sending you love Losty, wherever you are. You are much missed, lady.

So here are my pictures from Starfall’s Twilight’s Edge. When I arrived on the Sim, I pretty much immediately fell down the hole that takes you to the underwater part of the Sim. That’s pretty typical of me, if you can fall off it or into it, guaranteed I will do it.

But this was a good fall; after I had explored all around on the ground, I went under as Mer and had a nice swim. If you are looking for the ‘hole’ to the underwater bit, look for the two fishies at the entrance, near the group joiner board.

TP to Starfall’s 


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