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The Blake Deeps

So yesterday I was a man on a mission. Or should I say, a merman on a mission. A few days ago I started exploring ‘The Blake Deeps,’ I had wanted to find somewhere to swim around as a mer and this seemed the perfect place to start.

As you can see from the map, there is a lot to see down here under the Blake Sea. You don’t have to be a mer or roleplaying to explore under the waves, I saw people wandering about by foot, there is also the tour submarine that you can sit in, and get a guided tour of all the sights. I did come across a group of other mermen and mermaids on my travels, but since I am a shy fish I didn’t stop to chat.

The build down here is pre-mesh, lots of sculpties and prims and alpha plants and greenery. I guess some people might find the builds here a little bit dated, but at the same time there is a certain warmth and personality to sculptie/prim builds that as a long time SL resident I am fond of, even though they look less ‘perfect’ than the new mesh creations we see all around us on the grid now. Not to mention that they cause (in my experience) less lag than mesh. Even so, I did start discarding textures a number of pictures in to my shoot, I guess that is just my reality now regarding the age of my PC and viewer memory use, when I want to be camming around in ultra preferences. /sigh and end nostalgia. Honestly, I support and enjoy progress. I just wish it didn’t crash me out of world so much! :P

Ok back on topic. Since I had a DJ set to get to, I had to pick just one spot for now from the map, to explore and photograph. I went for the Seaview Amusement Pier. It has a nice little back story to it, (see picture), and I had some fun there playing the games (they are free) and winning some funny prizes. Then just time for a bit of mer dancing before I had to switch back to my human self and get to the party I was waiting for!

Oh, I just wanted to mention that after my last post at The Trace, two of my friends visited there and showed me their pictures that they took on their visit. That was really cool! Thank you to both of them for following and for sharing :))) *smiles*

Here is your LM to visit Seaview park and the Pier at The Blake Deeps.

I will definitely be returning here to see more locations on the map, because I only got to one spot, and there is so much more to see!  (There are maps at all the areas of interest, so you can TP around easily between them.)

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