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The Trace

I was going to write some stuff about some stuff I have been dealing with in RL. Stuff is a great word when, in the end, you don’t really want to explain what you are talking about. So maybe I’ll tackle that post another time. Instead, here are my pictures from The Trace, which I had seen in my blog feed and so decided to go and explore today.

It’s beautiful here. I’d like to live here. I’d like to live here in RL. I think that if heaven is a place you create with your mind, my heaven would look a lot like this. And I think that pretty much conveys how much I enjoyed visiting here. Hopefully my pictures can do justice to how lovely this sim actually is, since I feel a little lost for words today. Go and visit, if you can.

TP to The Trace


5 thoughts on “The Trace

  1. Hello ubecute
    These are all photographs that I took in Second Life, which is a 3D virtual world. I love to explore the wonderful builds that people create here and blog about them :)
    Thank you for the comment, and the compliment.


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