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New gallery space at Melioria!

I’m very excited to be blogging about my new permanent gallery space in SL, which I have been busy moving into today.

My very dear to me, and most talented SL brother Jacks Rhys, has created a new space for his VerseEye store, and my gallery is right next door to his store. I am really in love with the new space, which is in the style of an art garden. The whole area is surrounded by mountains and trees and water, and the gorgeous brick walls and columns of the store and gallery make the perfect backdrop for the artwork and vendor boards, while keeping the area very open and natural. I am very grateful to my brother Jacks for all his love and support, not just with my art, but in so many areas of my life. He is a wonderful person, and a blessing on both my lives.

If you have never checked out his VerseEye store, you really are missing out on quality eyes for your avatar. Jacks’ designs are unique and creative, covering a huge range of styles from fantasy to artistic to natural eyes. Human, tiny, furry, vampire, zombie, futuristic… there really is something for everyone. And there are nice gifts for group members too, so please come along and visit.

Teleport to the Gallery and VerseEye store

Lastly, I want to mention that as well as the free gift I still have available at my show at DestinationX club, I also have a separate free gift at the new gallery space here at Melioria. This piece is called ‘You Have Been Loved.’ I decided to put it out as my gift here, as today I am remembering the birthday of someone close to me, who I lost to suicide 12 years ago.

I took the original photo for this piece in the old grounds of the S.O.S. (Survivors of Suicide) Support group, founded and run by Krissy Sinclair. The group have a new home now at Schoomere, where you can go to find information around the issues of depression and suicide, and how to get help in RL, as well as find mentors and other group members to talk with in SL, if you need advice, support, or just a friendly ear. There are also games tables and fun things to do, and items for sale to help support the group. So my gift will be out at my main gallery for the next few weeks, and if you would like to donate to the S.O.S. group, they have a donation box there at their HQ/meeting place.

Oh, and happy Easter everyone. Or, happy bunny and chocolate day, lol :)


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