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My Show at DestinationX

I was very happy and excited to be invited by Heloq Tomsen, to show my artwork at DestinationX. Heloq, who is a long time DJ in SL and previously the club manager, recently became owner of the club and surrounding sim, which offers regular parties, shopping and luxury housing for the LGBT community and their friends. The new space at the main club is dedicated to emerging artists in Second Life. A series of exhibitions is planned, to take place every month, to help and support their work and creativity. I feel privileged to be the first featured artist to show there. If you wish to visit my show at DestinationX, the landing point is here. Please walk through the shopping mall and up to the main club, and you will find the art space to the right of the main club entrance. I have a new free gift available for visitors. I am showing two new pieces, a selection of wall tattoos, and a number of my most popular, older work. Please come by and take a look if you have some time. Jump in the group too! It’s a very nice place to hang out and party :)


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