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Alirium (part 1)

Some pictures from another of my favourite places to visit in Second Life. I haven’t been for a long time, and so when I TP’d into the landing area, it has since been rebuilt and was new to me. So today’s pictures are from just the landing area, my next post will be of the rest of Alirium sim down below. The landing area seems to be broken up into the four seasons, pink spring, green summer, red/brown autumn, blue/white winter. Each one as pretty as the other and nice to walk around in, and discover the sitting areas and other stuff. I love the rabbits watching TV.

There is a shop here too at the landing spot with a bunch of the grass, trees, flowers, and other things for sale, also another store when you TP to the ground. Part 2 of this post to follow.

TP to Alirium Landing Point

Well she laughs just like the rain,
Never know when it’s gonna fall,
If it ever will come again, or if it ever came at all.
I can spend my life just staring at the sky,
She laughs just like the rain,
And I’ve never felt so dry.


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