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Today I accidentally dropped boiling water on my foot. That has nothing to do with the pictures I am posting of course, but pain has to go somewhere. As I was bathing my foot with cold water to try and take the heat out of the burn, my RL partner came home. He looked at me, bathing my burnt foot, and said,

“What are you doing?”
“I burned my foot with boiling water.”
“It hurts.”
“Oh, yeah. It hurts.”

“Are you okay…”

This is a fairly normal exchange between us. And I won’t pretend that I didn’t well up a little at the end of that convo, and not from the pain in my foot. Childish, I know. But people can only love you in the ways they know how to love you, in the ways they have been taught to, over time. This is something I am coming to accept more and more… about him, about other friends, about everyone who has a piece of my heart. Expectation is the root of all disappointment, or something. It’s good to be more grown up these days, even though it didn’t stop me feeling, inside another moment of my RL bf’s under-reaction, that if affection was oxygen, I would be gasping and blue at the lips.

So my pictures today are from the beautiful Woodsy sim, which is one of my favourite kinds of place in SL to spend time at. Full of trees and flowers, streams and ponds, butterflies and wild creatures. 

It rains here, but the sky is blue and everything is blooming. Take a boat onto the lake, or just relax. There are places to couple dance, or to sit, in this natural, overgrown place, looking out to the surrounding mountains while you listen to the sounds of nature. Whatever you do I guarantee you will enjoy a visit here.

TP to Woodsy


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