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Echoes in the Garden

I am off sick from work. Just a head cold, which apparently is not fatal, although I’m not convinced. As a result I think this post is turning into a jumbled mess, but okay, I’ll go ahead with it anyway, lol :)

So to pass the time and to avoid the torture of daytime TV, I went to check out ‘Echoes in the Garden,’ an interactive installation in SL by Rose Borchovski  on the Susa Bubble story. I love to explore interactive art, which is always fun to investigate and play with in SL.

‘Echoes in the Garden’ is surreal, dreamlike. There is lots of motion and strange echoing sounds and voices. And for me, although I realise there is a darkness to this story, distress and confusion, a huge part of me also found it reassuring to visit and spend time here. This kind of art in SL gives you the unusual opportunity to walk around and experience the inside of someone else’s head, inside their visions, their dreams. When you can see, when you can, in a way, touch and be inside a scary thing that didn’t come from you, there is a comfort for me in being able to relate. I think if you can relate in any way to what you are seeing and feeling from artwork, or books or films or music, that’s where reassurance can be gained from. You are not alone.

I suppose what I’m referring to from this particular installation is those feelings of distress and confusion being portrayed, the anxiety, the surreality. While I’m pretty sure the Susa Bubble story is not about PTSD, those (amongst others) are all symptoms of that condition, which I have lived with for a long time now. While I am much more well now and have been for a long time, I’m always conscious of what I went through and fearful of perhaps becoming unwell again. Those fears, on an almost daily basis, are very real. So purposely putting myself inside a place that reflects some of the feelings I have experienced in my own life and running around inside that place and even having fun there, I don’t know. I guess it’s a kind of therapy. Laughing at the monsters make them grow much smaller.

When you arrive the greeter tells you that the installation is best experienced with a mesh viewer and your volume up (no stream). The nature of the artwork means that flying is a no no if you want to enjoy this installation, make sure you walk so that your movement sets off the triggers. Don’t forget to dance with the pigs! In the rain, with an umbrella and a cigarette, because.. SL :)

TP to ‘Echoes in the Garden’


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