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Never You Mind

My post today is about a really cool store I came across on my travels. I was exploring another sim and they had ridable balloons, where you held onto their rope and you could steer them wherever you wanted. After searching the creator, I jumped over to see what else he had on offer. And wow, I love this place!

You can ride on boats, bikes, balloons, kites. There are flying bots, and bunnies that drop flowers and easter eggs on you. There is so much movement here, things whirring and swaying and rolling down hills and whizzing about. The rustic builds are what I personally think of as ‘story book’ buildings, stuff you will never come across in RL, gorgeous and full of magic and imagination.

I am a big kid when it comes to playing in SL, I can’t resist to sit on everything and spin around and drive around and push buttons. So much fun.

Everything in my pictures and so much more are for sale. TP to Never You Mind :)


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