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Someone recently compared me to a Bollywood movie. I won’t go into the explanation of why they made that comparison, but it was pretty funny. So anyway, when I saw a post today on Press Pass Media blog about a Bollywood party (check out the video) that is held every Tuesday on the Shekhawati sim, I could not resist to go and take a look around.

Even though it is Friday and no party today, I found so much to do here on my visit. Shekhawati is an India themed region, with beautiful buildings and wow, so much art. Which I didn’t realise until arriving here. As you can see from the TP board, there is a lot to explore.

Shekhawati_001 copy

I started by investigating the ‘Relation Tower’, an artwork by Robin Moore. I was lucky to see his Dioramas exhibit at the 3Bears sim just before Christmas, they were so cool. Clicking around on his profile, I found a link to this interview about this particular piece of work. I was happy to read the meaning behind the work. I climbed up the tower and found a few surprises, I won’t do spoilers if you haven’t seen it for yourself. I love interactive art :) Try it out!

After ‘Relation Tower’ I spent a long time wandering around in the Gallery. There is so much beautiful art to see in here, and one thing I love so much about the gallery and the art on show is all the bold colours. I don’t think I could ever feel sad in here. I particularly like the pieces that have tigers and elephants in.

Then I went to see ‘The Miniature Goal’, an exhibition that invites you to think about our planet and its and all of our futures. As well as thinking about the message, I enjoyed looking at all the detail that went into constructing this piece of work.

Finally I went to see WAL MART. I was very curious what an exhibition with that name could possibly be. I wasn’t disappointed. If I could, I would live inside this build. It makes me think about how appearances can be deceptive and often real beauty is hidden within. It’s always good to look beneath the surface, if it’s people or things or situations. 

Tumbled down and decayed on the outside, inside WAL MART is a peaceful sanctuary where you can sit, or swing, or even ride the trapeze. Climb the ladders and see what you can find.

I definitely recommend exploring here, I will visit again because I didn’t see everything. And I haven’t even been for the dancing yet! :)

TP to Shekhawati 


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