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Picture Perfect Portrait

So today I took a trip over to the *3Bears Resort. Back in January, I read a blog post on the 3Bears Foundation blog about a new show open to submissions called ‘Picture Perfect Portrait‘. Since I had had so much fun building my seasonal Diorama at the end of 2013, I jumped at the chance to take part in this new show.

I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted my portrait to say about me. My submission (below) called ‘Essence‘ is the result. I won’t spend any time trying to explain it, since people can come to their own conclusions about what I was trying to express. I built the set myself and then photographed. It was a fun project, and I felt very happy today to see the first submissions now on display, one of those being mine.

The show is still open to submissions, and so if you want to take part, just contact Joseph Nussbaum (Curator) inworld. You can visit mine and the other portraits so far at Silva Ursa Isle  (Adult). Walk to the bottom of the hill and you will find the gallery. (Please note that while all are welcome, this IS a gay men’s retreat, and adult themes will be seen and experienced on this sim).

While I was over at the resort, I teleported the short distance over to the Main Plaza (Moderate) to check out ‘Fractals in Motion‘ at the Ursa Gallery. Of course, in the picture below you can’t see the motion of the fractal art, and so I would strongly encourage you to go and check out this show while it is on display. The pieces really are mesmerising, I like them a lot. Also, you can pick up a free gift of one of the pieces, while others are for sale.

picture perfect_005 copy

*3Bears Resort is a gay male retreat with residences, jet skis, hang-gliding, cliff-diving, fishing and many other activities.  Geared towards the bear community, all are welcome to a drama-free environment! Website here


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