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I first Landmarked ‘Forest Feast’ in 2007. A neighbour to Aught, it still remains one of my favourite places in SL, where you can walk freely from garden to garden, or have a seat, or dance. I still remember the first time I visited here, wandering through the sea of flowers, the grasses higher than my head, and just being amazed at how beautiful it all was.

I have been on such a long journey in SL. I’ve done a lot of growing up, not just in years, but emotionally too. I am not someone who likes to visit the past in my RL or SL, sometimes because it’s sad, sometimes because it’s uncomfortable or even painful. But here in the beauty and calm space of these gardens that I have known for such a long time, was a good time for a little reflection. I came away with this sense that I can see clearer, that I’m finally starting to make some sense of the life lessons I’m being taught. And I’m reminded of that Oscar Wilde quote, ‘I’m not young enough to know everything.’ I think that’s definitely progress.

TP to Forest Feast


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