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Double posting today! Because when I woke up this morning, I discovered that Coldplay have released their new single ‘Magic’, from their new album ‘Ghost Stories’ to be released in May. May! So long to wait. But I am loving this song, and so off I went to find a magical sim to post pictures of, to go with my song post.

I went to a very pretty sim called Kingdom of Alurel , my favourite thing here was definitely the field of butterflies. Wow.

You can roleplay here at this fantasy based sim, as a fae or elf or whatever you feel like being. But they don’t mind humans wandering about either. Just read the sim rules and be respectful of resident’s homes.

TP to Kingdom of Alurel

Okay, now listen to the song! :)

And if you were to ask me,
After all that we’ve been through,
Do you still believe in magic? Well yes I do,
Yes I do,
Yes I do,
Oh yes I do, of course I do…


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