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I had read a number of posts recently in blogs, about a place in SL called Seraph City and how it was about to close. So I decided to visit yesterday and get some pictures before it disappears from the grid.

Anyone who has been in SL for an amount of time will know that Sims come and go. The owners grow tired, or money becomes an issue, or any number of other reasons, the owner of Seraph City wrote a post here highlighting his own particular problems with owning and running it and his reasons for closing it down.

It’s always sad when a place we love goes away. Although I was not familiar with Seraph City, like most people, I have fond, sometimes bitter-sweet memories of other places in SL that no longer exist. The friends that I had there, the fun that we shared. When you are an ‘oldbie’ like me, that list can grow pretty long. You can start to become in danger of looking back too much and perhaps feeling like your best times are over. And so that’s why I decided to name this post ‘gratitude’. Because nothing is over until you make it so.

I am deeply grateful to the sim owners, the builders, the landscapers, the designers, the artists, the bloggers, the stylists, the club owners, the DJs, to every single creative person in Second Life, who continue to make it an entertaining and beautiful place for me to explore and be entertained and have my SL existence in. Without these people, SL just wouldn’t exist. I am very aware of how much time, money, and love goes into the places I visit, the blogs I read, the clothes I wear, the houses and furniture I buy, the music I listen and dance to.

Two people in SL, one a DJ and one a club owner, told me recently in unrelated conversations, they do it because they love to do it. They do it because they like to make people happy. With motivation like that, how could I not be grateful? And even more determined to get out into SL and see everything, appreciate everything, take huge bites of the incredible virtual space I have been lucky enough to be a part of, and in spite of what you might read around the net, continues to grow. Change is inevitable. I intend to savour every single experience for as long as I can.


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