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Midnight and The Bayou

Today was an exciting day for me, because as I was scrolling mindlessly down my facebook feed, I saw a post from the Coldplay page that they have released a new song and video today. I have been a follower (I don’t like the word ‘fan’) and collector of their music since I was in my teens, and while I haven’t so much loved everything they have done, (I really could live without ever having to hear Viva La Vida ever again), their albums ‘Parachutes’ and ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’, as well as a huge collection of B Sides and a bunch of tracks from ‘X&Y’ and ‘Mylo Xyloto’, have a huge place in my history and in my heart.

I was hopeful for this newest release, because when I heard ‘Atlas’ (plays out the credits for Hunger Games II) I really felt like the track had its roots in the earlier sound of the band that I love so much. This new track, ‘Midnight’, has provoked strong reactions already, with people seeming to either love it or hate it. If you love Viva La Vida you won’t like this. But to my mind, that’s not Coldplay’s true sound anyway, so you might as well move along now. ‘Midnight’ is like nothing I have heard before from them, but somehow very them, it’s melodious, dreamlike, dark and kinda trippy, with emotive lyrics. As someone said on youtube, ‘it gives me the feels’. Indeedy.

My pictures today are from The Bayou. (I was searching for a forest to make my last two pictures, in the style of the ‘Midnight’ video above.)(Apparently this makes me a fanboy, but I can live with it, lol).

The Bayou land info reads ‘For those who ‘don’t belong’ …and just wish for a quiet place with no harassment’. I very much enjoyed exploring here, as well as being a beautiful and natural build, it was as promised a quiet, relaxing place to wander in and sit for a while, taking in the sights and sounds. For those of you who are a bit more social than me, there is a communal seating area too around a camp fire, if you wanted to hang out here with a bunch of friends.


TP to The Bayou


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