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Favourite places in SL

Wandering randomly on the grid again recently, I ended up at a favourite place of mine that I have photographed a few times in the past called Aught. I remember the first time ever that I wandered here by accident, a long time ago now. I remember thinking how beautiful it was, the long grasses and the trees, the wild flowers and the tumbled down structures, the blending of man-made and nature. How broken can be beautiful, how nature was taking things back. (I am pretty sure this place was one of the first influential places on me as to a style of garden I always wanted to create for myself in SL, when I had land or a garden of my own back in the day.)

In a virtual world of endless change and endings, where things can be here today and gone tomorrow even faster than in RL, it’s nice to find a place that you loved a lot still in existence and even better, exactly as you remembered it.



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