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Your Healing Moment

‘This message is for all of the abuse survivors that think you are “broken” or “tainted”. I want you to know your spirit is beyond the reach of others. It is beyond the actions of others. And your experiences do not define you, they are an addendum to who you are. You are a spiritual being enjoying a physical experience. Your spirit shines today just as bright and pure behind the veil of your own self-rejection as the day you were born. The things done to you entered your memory but they cannot enter your spirit. It is how you think about them that makes you believe otherwise. When you can see and accept that you have mistakenly judged yourself, forgiving yourself for what another did to you won’t be necessary any more. You’ll have realized that was never your karma to bear. You’ll also realize you are both wonderful and amazing!’
– Steve Ellis


I don’t really know who Steve Ellis is, but the paragraph above that I saw on faceborg today seemed share-worthy. Abuse can come in all shapes and forms, from physical, emotional, verbal, sexual abuse or neglect. I like the idea that each person’s spirit is ‘beyond the reach of others’, in other words, what makes us ‘us’, can’t be broken or stolen, no matter what experiences we go through.

Your spirit shines today just as bright and pure behind the veil of your own self-rejection as the day you were born‘… I found that to be a particularly powerful sentence. It’s very easy to see the beauty and good stuff in other people, while being blind to our own, often because of all the negativity and destructive messages we have received perhaps from childhood or over the years. Those voices never go away and it’s strange how they are so much louder than the ones from people who love us and value us and see the light in us. Why are we so willing to believe the bad things people say about us, but not the good things people say about us? It’s (mostly) human nature I guess, unless you are super confident or perhaps you got a lot of positive nurturing while growing up. Anyhoo. I am not a religious person at all, for me religion is a man made thing made to control people and used wrongly most of the time to separate and condemn. However I am a strongly spiritual person. That means, as it says in the sentence up there, I believe I am a spiritual being enjoying (or tolerating lol) a physical experience. I don’t need any religion to tell me what I know and sense instinctively. I very much believe that we are born into a human existence to grow emotionally and spiritually, love and help each other with our journeys and personal karma. At the end of the physical life then I believe that the energy or spirit, whatever you want to call it returns to the greater energy that is all around us all of the time and what happens then I just have to wait and see. It’s actually a scientific fact that when an energy is created it doesn’t die, it simply transforms, so what would be so different about us? Sometimes when I feel very down about things then this stuff helps to remind me that there is more than this BS and the life lessons we enjoy and suffer and experience are necessary for transformation and growth. Well, that’s a very short summary of my thoughts around that subject. I could go on for way longer, but I won’t.

So, random post inspired by that quote up there. Sometimes the world can feel very hostile and cold and scary, well if you can remember that we are all born out of the same place and all connected by that same energy then you can realise that you are not really as alone and isolated as you might sometimes feel. Some books I have read that inspired me a lot to feel better about difficulties in life and help me are

‘Mans Search for Meaning’ – Viktor E. Frankl
‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’ – Mitch Albom
‘Life After Death, The Book of Answers’ – Deepak Chopra

Well there are a bunch more but those 3 in particular.


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