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The Second Life 10th birthday celebrations (SL10B) are fast approaching. In a moment of rashness, I applied to show my work at this celebration and to my surprise got accepted. So I am showing on my very own plot at the Spectacular Sim and am very excited to be taking part!

My gallery at SL10B

As an exhibitor I was lucky to have access while all the building was going on around me, there is some incredible stuff to be seen there, 21 Sims! of awesomeness. I can’t even imagine the amount of coordination and hard work that goes into getting this event organised, so when I say I am in awe that’s no exaggeration. So many builders, performers, volunteers, artists and talented and creative people. So much stuff going on in SL on display here. And little me and my gallery part of it all, it feels pretty cool to be showing at the 10th birthday and taking part in a special part of SL history.

The grand opening is June 16th. Here is the updated map of all the Sims. I am desperate to see the Corn Field! And I want to go to Bear Island, and see the amazing stages, and go around the history walk too.

So the official blog reports all the excitement and happenings way better than me. I intend to spend as much of the next two weeks as I can investigating everything, even so I will probably not see everything!

There is the welcome area with maps and all kinds of good stuff to get you started and you can take a pod ride around the Sims too, just hop off when you see something you want to investigate. Here is the welcome area SLurl, but remember you can’t go there yet! It’s the Press days today and tomorrow and then open to all from Sunday 16th.

Welcome Area

SL10B blog

Oh, so I forgot to say that I am giving away some free gifts at my show here. Both winter 2012 gifts and the spring one I created for previous shows. So if you like them, they are yours.

Happy birthday, Second Life. I never imagined what it would be like to be part of your history the first time I signed up, the people I would meet, the things I would learn, the growing up I would do in your virtual spaces. It has been quite a journey.


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